Glenroy Memorial Pre-School

Here at Glenroy Memorial Pre-School we offer 3 and 4 year old sessional kindergarten programs.

We are a community run kinder located on Murrell St in Glenroy.

We have a strong community driven philosophy and dedicated, professional educators.


For children to develop social, communication skills, high self esteem by becoming self-reliant problem solvers, inspired by the National Early Years Framework which underpin the 5 Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Identity

Outcome 2: Community

Outcome 3: Wellbeing

Outcome 4: Learning

Outcome 5: Communication

Our Goals for the children

  • To challenge children to make their own choices pursue their own interests and to solve problems they may encounter, as adults support and guide these actions.
  • For children to be involved in an ongoing stimulating process of exploring, creating, inventing, discovering and problem solving during play experiences, in his/her own time.  Adults will guide and facilitate these actions.
  • For children to have smooth transition from home to preschool.
  • For children to progress their independence, self-concept and self-esteem.
  • For children to develop a sense of trust and belonging in an environment other than the home environment.
  • For children to develop life skills and competencies.
  • For children to feel respect and acknowledge their own identity and individuality depending on their own development, previous experiences, differing learning styles, and cultural differences.

During a variety of educational programs throughout the year we will focus on the curriculum areas of maths, science, literature, music and dance, art and craft, and dramatic play, which underpin the Early Years and Learning Framework.

We will observe and document the children’s progress in the following developmental areas: cognitive skills, language skills, social skills, emotional skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creative/imaginary skills, and interest areas in their own books.

Reporting to parents on their child’s progress at kindergarten is carried through formal and informal appointments.  We work with parents as partners to have the best outcomes for their children. Transitions to school statements are sent to your school of choice.


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