The educators plan for incursions, excursions and special interest activities where it is felt that they are beneficial to the learning program. The daily program is planned around these events and provides children with the opportunities to engage in learning experiences around various topics.  They are based on the current children’s interests and abilities.

Some Incursions we have had in previous years include;

Wild Action

Chicken Hatching Programme

Bunning’s Warehouse – Arts & Craft. Also planting experiences i.e Veggies for the children.

Sports Programme

Vocal Enchantment Music

Music & Movement – Tara

Library Story Time with the Children

Dentist visiting the Kinder


Some of the Excursions include;

Traffic School

Visiting Local Primary School

No child is taken outside of the Kindergarten without parental authorisation. Parents are requested to promptly complete a separate authorisation form for each excursion.

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